Thursday, August 30, 2012


Unfortunately we were a victim of TS Isaac. I live in the area of Florida that was hardest hit by major flooding from the storm.

We made our 2 car garage part bedroom and laundry room years ago when my Mother in Law lived with us. Today I use the bedroom as my craft room until Isaac took it from me when he decided to flood it. So, long story short we had to move everything out to pull up the carpet and dry everything out. Good news is that the drywall was far enough up that it didn't get wet. A few furniture pieces that were particle board were also ruined but all my supplies made it through. It may be a few weeks before I have a real place to craft again. My stuff is all over the place right now and very unorganized. It's driving me crazy and it's only been 4 days.

We had other damage but nothing we can't handle. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to those in Louisiana that were also struck by Isaac.

No more hurricanes this year please!

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